dyljam is an Australian politician and the current Member for Denison. He served as the 6th Prime Minister of AustraliaSim and leader of the Australian Democrats.

First elected to parliament as the Member for New England before a redistribution saw him elected to the seat of Lalor, dyljam currently serves as the Member for Denison.

Fourth Parliament Edit

See also: First dyljam Ministry

dyljam was first elected to the House in the 4th Parliament, where he served as Minister for Education under then-Prime Minister IG_99.

He was elected unopposed as Deputy Leader of the Australian Democrats, before being elected Leader and thus Prime Minister after the shock drowning of IG_99.

Fifth Parliament Edit

dyljam was reelected at the following election in the Division of Lalor. He lead a coalition government led by the Australian Democrats with the Australian Greens.

He resigned half-way through the term citing personal reasons. He was replaced by Treasurer, Attorney-General and party Deputy Leader BloodyChrome.

Centre Alliance Edit

After a poor election result, the Australian Democrats merged with rival centrist party, the Australia Party to form Centre Alliance. dyljam was the first leader of the party before resigning.

Parliamentary Clerk and Eighth House Edit

After a brief stint as a Parliamentary Clerk, dyljam returned to the eighth house as the independent Member for Denison.