Posideon0 was a founding account of AustraliaSim, and was its first Governor-General. Posideon0 was a prominent member of the alts conspiracy which was named after him, the "Posideon Adventure."


Posideon0's most recent Discord profile picture

Posideon0 ran and oversaw the first election alongside Ikaroa.

A fascinating character even before the revelation of the alts, many users questioned several curious aspects of his activity, most notably Dicky_Knee, who would often address his unusual behaviour. TheElectricFire7 noted that he seemed overly cautious to allow him to attain moderation powers on Reddit after being appointed to the AustraliaSim Electoral Commission. The most notable occasion of suspicion was displayed in an interaction between Dicky_Knee and BloodyChrome, which would prove to foreshadow comments made by Posideon0 himself just three days later (Figure 1).


Figure 1

Posideon0 was the final alt account to leave the subreddit and Discord, and was the last member of the conspiracy to address the Sim's members on Discord, assuring members that accounts were not being deleted because they were alts, instead citing a widespread hacking crisis. However, just prior to this, when accounts first began leaving the Discord server, Posideon0 sent one particularly ominous message, seen in Figure 2.

Posideon0 experiment

Figure 2

The user behind Posideon0 is believed to have been the user responsible for what would be the only alt account to return the subreddit after the Posideon Adventure, in a new account name Posideon1, to provide an explanation for what had occurred in the days previous (Figure 3 and Figure 4). Most users deem this explanation to be false for several reasons, and the true motives of the conspiracy are still unkown despite the extensive research conducted in the aftermath.

Posideon 1

Figure 3

Posideon1 2

Figure 4